Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Plot Thickens....Holy Mother of God.

Surreal. Speechless. But Of Course, This Would be the "Case."

"Contempt?" Um, No Thanks. Been There, "Done That."

BTW, how's Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.840(e) working out for you, so far? Personally, I feel it's been "rather effective" for you. This might be a tough one to argue "knowledge" on being that you're essentially the foremost "expert" on the Judicial Code of Conduct. Maybe you can try and argue "illiteracy?" Though, that might have the same effect on your public sector career. Hmm, here's a thought, maybe just "do the right thing?" On second thought, we all saw how that worked out the first time, is what it is. Moving on. - "Compromised"

Also, for your reference and convenience:

The "Chair."

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