Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Please pardon our "construction."

I guess you "could say" that we're in the process of "decrypting" parts of the blog for your convenience. "Pardon our mess." But wait, was it ever really "encrypted" at all? I'm so confused. 

Furthermore, I'd say, that just "in general," we're in the process of making "some changes," (which should be very new and exciting), but (as always), we're also "tracking changes" and, of course, always have been. Obviously. 

Not to worry, everything is discoverable and everything has a litigation hold, going back all the way to, gosh I can't even think of the date(s), was it 7 years ago by now? Let's see, if I'm currently 38 years old, then I'd probably say, that everything is and has been discoverable and has had a litigation hold on it for probably 33 years by now. Yeah, that's probably right. I was probably 5 years old at the time "it started." 

It'll make sense, in the end, I promise you. Also, the people that "know" what's happening, "know" what's happening. Or do they? Actually, I can't be so sure about that. "Never Assume." 

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