Saturday, July 6, 2019

Important Notes & Updated Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions / Legal Notice, etc.,

Please note, I am aware that many of the hyperlinks included in this blog, specifically referring to posts made before November 14, 2017 (when I was arrested, for the first time ever in my life), may be inactive and not working correctly. Do I have the ability to correct the hyperlinks so that it correctly links you to the attachments or article that I had posted, etc? Yes, of course.

However, I am purposely NOT doing so, out of an abundance of caution (and common sense, I think), as that might and/or simply "would" be considered "altering or tainting" evidence, so it necessarily needs to stay in its current state. There are plenty of other ways I can link you to the intended post(s), in addition to the fact that legal filings are PUBLIC INFORMATION (as long as it isn't "under seal" or otherwise exempt) and I can show you how to simply look it up or I can add further posts, for your convenience that would take you the previous hyperlinks that may no longer be functioning properly.

There is a reason I am not correcting the links or touching any of the posts I made before November 14, 2017, and that is, plainly, to "preserve and protect" the integrity of the evidence I had posted on this blog.

Secondarily, please make sure to read our Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions / Legal Notice, which I will link to below and make sure to keep updated for legal and compliance reasons of course:

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