Friday, July 5, 2019

Hmmm....hmmmm....interesting "dilemma" and/or "opportunity."

Hmmm, currently debating the merits and the strategy of a particular move. It seems someone has "slipped" up a bit, and there are pros and cons to this move. Going to have to think this one through and if I do it, will obviously have to document it, probably film it for evidence purposes, etc., and the like so there's a record of the "changing of the guard," if you will. Hmmm, so so so interesting. Going to be a tough decision, but I think I might "have to" based on the logic that if I don't, someone else can and then that would really screw things up. It's better for me to have control and there's "enough there" and I'll make sure to document the evidence, via video, before I make the move and I'll probably publicly announce it to make it clear what I've done. It's risky, but again, "it's exposed," andI can't seem to entirely figure it out.

I think I know why. It doesn't jive with what I remember, it's honestly surprising for me and I'm discovering new and new things as I go along with this entire "thing." I mean, I can't even describe how surreal it is all is and how things are seemingly coming together and coming back around, just like how I predicted. But this move would be interesting.

I don't think I have a choice. I'm obviously talking it out loud now and also blogging about it so there's evidence and a record if I do decide to make this move. It will have to be well thought out, per usual. Story of my life. My brain is so fried right now, I don't know which end is up. But this is just too good and too good of an opportunity, I feel. I think it's a slip-up. I think the pros outweigh the cons and I sort of "have to" do it, because like I said, it's wide open and someone else can take it. I'll obviously explain later what I'm talking about, but I'm trying to think this through carefully, logically, ethically and strategically. I don't think I have a choice, but I don't want to taint anything.

Yet again, there's enough there, there's plenty there. It's all there. "He's not going anywhere." I think if I just document and videotape what I'm doing for evidence purposes then that's the way to go. I'll have to play it carefully, however. Very, very, very carefully. One day at a time. It could open up new insights, it could close some doors, but I think that the rewards outweigh the potential downsides and again, I'll say it again, ad nauseam, it's wide open and if I don't take it, someone else could and that might really ruin everything.

Though, really, nothing would be "ruined," as it's already "all there." This shouldn't affect anything or taint anything, but I need to be careful and if anything, it could be a really smart, strategic move, based on the facts, evidence, and data and past history. This one blows my mind. My mind is constantly getting blown these days. Wow. I mean, just wow. I think I don't have a choice, less someone else claims it. But we'll gather the evidence and the data (again and again) as you can never have too many redundancies and I'm all about cold, hard, facts, data, and irrefutable, corroborating and in this case (exculpatory) video evidence. Never in my life. Will keep you updated and take some time to further think this through. It's game theory after all. It's chess. But there is a "clock ticking," so I also can't wait too long less I lose the opportunity. Hmm, decisions decisions. Perfect is the enemy of good and the risk/reward calculus is telling me right now I have to do it. We'll see. 

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