Monday, November 13, 2017


I just had my first motion in our American Judicial System granted. Pretty cool stuff. Well, I guess that Judge Coates setting a re-hearing at the lower court upon my Motion to Vacate / Reverse his judgement is also a motion being granted. I don't know, it's just kind of cool I guess to now have a motion granted by the appellate court, The Fourth District Court of Appeal. I mean, I'm not even a lawyer and was just thrown into the deep end with all of this, so I've been having to learn to "sink or swim" or so I guess. 

Anyway, the Honorable Fourth District Court of Appeal granted my motion for an extension of time, which I'll include (again) below for your reference as well as a screenshot of their order granting me the 15 day extension to file the initial appellate brief. Onwards and upwards I guess.

I mean, it also confers some sort of weird bragging rights I guess in that I can tease my lawyer friends and say, "oh yeah, I've had motions granted at the lower court and the higher court and I'm not even a lawyer and have never taken single law class in my life." I guess I might also be able to say that I was also "jailed on contempt," though I sincerely hope I avoid that fate and am definitely not looking to have those sort of bragging rights whatsoever. Anyway, the crazy train keeps rolling. 



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