Sunday, November 12, 2017

I think my blog has been naturally evolving into a Satirical Blog??

I really don't know another way to put it? David Lerner, American Patriot and American Satirist? "If I don't laugh, I'll cry" type of a thing? But really, it's sort of just naturally evolving into a satire? Maybe I'll be like Senator Al Franken one day? I mean, did you see me on General Hospital? I posted about it before and included a picture. I've got some serious chops!! 

I don't know. This world is too crazy and things are too crazy and ridiculous all around me that somehow, naturally, in just expressing myself and talking about it (therapeutically, to the world and / or my growing fan base of blog readers), I sort of started a satirical blog or something? But I think it's only because when things are so serious (please see: my posts regarding the FBI and National Security) and whatnot, that you sort of just need to balance it out with humor. 

In regards to Judge Coates and my motions calling him a "hoofed mammal," I mean have you seen his "Saloor Alim" crazy, cyber-stalking, internet persona who was literally making fun of my cease and desist notices to him (I also blogged about that, with proof)? So, at minimum, I could say...HE STARTED IT!??!

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