Monday, November 13, 2017

On this edition of "Call My Bluff": Now I need to make a Motion to the Court informing the Judge that my lawyer may be a substance abuser and / or a drunk. Seriously. (Pictures below).

Legitimately. I'm dead serious. This is happening. I'll also be turning in our email conversations to the Judge to validate this. 

The Theatre of the Absurd continues. The emails below are 100% real:

On an unrelated note. I got an awesome t-shirt in the mail today:


I just had my first motion in our American Judicial System granted. Pretty cool stuff. Well, I guess that Judge Coates setting a re-hearing at the lower court upon my Motion to Vacate / Reverse his judgement is also a motion being granted. I don't know, it's just kind of cool I guess to now have a motion granted by the appellate court, The Fourth District Court of Appeal. I mean, I'm not even a lawyer and was just thrown into the deep end with all of this, so I've been having to learn to "sink or swim" or so I guess. 

Anyway, the Honorable Fourth District Court of Appeal granted my motion for an extension of time, which I'll include (again) below for your reference as well as a screenshot of their order granting me the 15 day extension to file the initial appellate brief. Onwards and upwards I guess.

I mean, it also confers some sort of weird bragging rights I guess in that I can tease my lawyer friends and say, "oh yeah, I've had motions granted at the lower court and the higher court and I'm not even a lawyer and have never taken single law class in my life." I guess I might also be able to say that I was also "jailed on contempt," though I sincerely hope I avoid that fate and am definitely not looking to have those sort of bragging rights whatsoever. Anyway, the crazy train keeps rolling. 



Sunday, November 12, 2017

Last blog post of the night:

Hey, remember how the petitioner turned appellee Cory Meltzer went out of his way to search for and find my Facebook page (we're not friends, I deleted him) and then once he found my personal Facebook page he went ahead and engaged and interacted and straight up "liked" one of my posts! Yes, this is the man who said I am freaking cyber-stalking him? Um. I haven't liked any of his posts on Facebook?? 

We are in the Matrix and / or Alice in Wonderland and / or The Twilight Zone. But all the evidence is online on my blog. I mean, this is all so crazy that I literally had to start a blog and just start posting the evidence online as no one would believe me otherwise. 

What else was I supposed to do. Well, whatever. That was a total rule violation in terms of the injunction and went directly against the judge's orders and per the judge completely undermine's the need for an injunction and he "invites contact" with me at his own peril. It also just sort of exposes his fraud and baloney lies and the complete and utter hoax this has been and that he perpetrated on the police force and the courts. Talk about malicious prosecution and fraud upon the court. Good gracious. Good night, see you tomorrow (if no one assassinates me tonight or anything, just saying).

For the Record re: Proof of Service

I'd just like to say that today is Sunday, November 12th at 5:30pm EST and I have not been served with any sort of papers regarding this upcoming hearing to show cause re: contempt. Furthermore, as previously noted in my blog (with evidence, per usual, evidence), the physical description of me is grossly inaccurate and I have offered to help correct it. Additionally, the docket is reflecting contradictory information in that it at once lists both Judge Goodman and Judge Damico.

I have been home all day, just waiting around, blogging away, hoping that maybe I'd get served with some sort of information or papers. I don't know if we should make an appointment like the cable guy or something where they give you a 4 hour window or something? Anyway, I have some cabin fever so I'm probably going to head out for a bit, but if I'm supposed to appear to show cause on the 14th and I haven't been served yet and today is the 12th, meaning at best I'd be served tomorrow, a day beforehand, I would obviously like to request a continuance so I can see what is going on here? Please see picture below of the docket, corroborating the lack of service, thus far. Thx:

Additionally, he started it!!!!! "Saloor Alim!" Sample evidence below:

I think my blog has been naturally evolving into a Satirical Blog??

I really don't know another way to put it? David Lerner, American Patriot and American Satirist? "If I don't laugh, I'll cry" type of a thing? But really, it's sort of just naturally evolving into a satire? Maybe I'll be like Senator Al Franken one day? I mean, did you see me on General Hospital? I posted about it before and included a picture. I've got some serious chops!! 

I don't know. This world is too crazy and things are too crazy and ridiculous all around me that somehow, naturally, in just expressing myself and talking about it (therapeutically, to the world and / or my growing fan base of blog readers), I sort of started a satirical blog or something? But I think it's only because when things are so serious (please see: my posts regarding the FBI and National Security) and whatnot, that you sort of just need to balance it out with humor. 

In regards to Judge Coates and my motions calling him a "hoofed mammal," I mean have you seen his "Saloor Alim" crazy, cyber-stalking, internet persona who was literally making fun of my cease and desist notices to him (I also blogged about that, with proof)? So, at minimum, I could say...HE STARTED IT!??!

I love guns too!! I recant!! I recant!! Judge Coates!! Judge Coates!! I apologize!! I apologize!! My bad!! Forget all about that corruption talk (please see):

Hey, I'm neck and neck with this guy!!! Look at me!! Look at me!!!

This could be a great career move for me!! Get me on the next round!!!

I can step up my incendiary language!!! Look at me!!

I'm pro 2nd amendment!! I really am!! I love shooting guns!!! I honestly do. Going all the way back to when I was on the riflery team at Camp Cody in New Hampshire, shooting little .22's!! Dude, I can place a .22 anywhere I wanted, my aim is so ridiculously good. 

Pick me for federal judge!! Pick me for federal judge!!

This dude is 36 years old (my age) and a blogger (I know you are but what am I) and has never tried a case (even I have tried a freaking case, before Judge Coates, hahahaha!!!!), but has been writing a pro-gun blog! I love me some guns!!! Bang Bang!! Is that all you need to say to become the next President of the United States of Gun-Loving America!? I'm a freaking expert level marksmen and have been to riflery competitions. I kid you not. I mean, I was young. But still. 

I am freaking overqualified compared to this guy!!!

I mean, meanwhile, the person you ruled in favor of for a civil (meaning not in any what "criminal") "cyber-stalking" injunction just turned around and started liking my freaking Facebook page (yes, we're still under the time period for the civil injuction, it expires mid-January), so clearly he and his fake family and fake story weren't and aren't all that scared and their crocodile tears fooled the hell out of you. I'm so scared of him, I can't sleep or eat or breath!! My kids are terrified!! We have had to move to North Dakota!! That's why I'm online and liking posts on his Facebook page right now!!! Bahahah!! Yup, captured that evidence, Dateline NBC style, to "Catch a Predator," good old screenshots Command + Shift + 3 (on a Mac).

I'm so sorry Judge Coates, Your Honor. You're good, you are freaking light years ahead of this young, blogger who has never tried a freaking case in his life. I tried a case before you!!! My own!!! I apologize!! I recant!! I recant!!! I recant!! Forget all about that corruption talk!!

I take it back, Judge Goodman. I take it back. You are both way, way, way more qualified than this 36 year old blogger (wait, that sounds exactly like me) who has never tried a case and just got his law degree and who will have a lifetime appointment to the federal bench!! I apologize, Sir. I apologize to you, Sir. I am completely serious. This is insane.

I can officially say I am now more qualified than a Federal Judge! I give up!! I give up!! You can keep your legal system!! I recant!! Why waste your time being a judge at the Fourth District Court of Appeal, the key is being a 36 year old blogger (like me) who has never tried a case!!! Lifetime appointment to the federal bench!!! I recant!!

Holy Mother. I give up!! I give up!! Uncle!! I cry Uncle!!! I just fainted.

Legitimately, I might be OK with apologizing now. I have to really, really think about things. Truly, this calls for some serious soul searching.

Haha. Look at Senator Franken. Sucker!!!

The attorney misconduct by opposing counsel has been staggering. Not sure where I'd even begin with it all. Paging Jayne Weintraub and George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin (RIP):


Re-post from State Attorney Dave Aronberg. #cosign #amen

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Art of War via Gerry Spence - Runaway National Bestseller. Raise your hand if you read runaway national bestselling books!?

Via Gerry Spence, talking about the art of "argument," at home, at work, in court, everywhere, every day. 

He says: "Nothing in the world is as fearsome as a bloody, battered, opponent who will never surrender." Amen, sir. Amen. 

Office Maurer (Boca PD) re: Criminal Charges for MELTZER / State Attorney Dave Aronberg's Office / United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM):

Amazing huh? Did you know that I had mercy on these crooked fraudsters and, per the transcript, was trying to de-escalate? There was and / or is still the little matter of our National Security, but whatever about that right? Yup, I had let these idiots go, per below. 3 days after letting these idiot criminals go, they attempt to ambush me with a civil injunction (not criminal, no criminality involved), which they literally just violated themselves, against the Judge's orders. What is this world coming to?

I want corrupt COATES (Judge, 15th Circuit, FL) on Obstruction, Material Omissions, and False Statements to Federal Agents, etc. Lie to the Feds!!! Make my day !!! Tell COATES to come forward!

I'm coming for corrupt COATES (Judge, 15th Circuit, FL) and the CLOWN COURT he is running over there. The 15th Judicial Circuit, Palm Beach, FL has a FRAUD PROBLEM and needs to get their PUBLIC CORRUPTION PROBLEM under control. Make him think about that lying to the Feds and / or withholding material information right now and deceiving them or not coming forward!!! How many years in prison would that be??

Meltzer violating the Injunction below. Talk about destroying any and all credibility you had and will ever had with the police and the court system!! Bahahaha, nice work Criminal Cory. I mean at least he didn't endanger the lives of brave men and women who choose to serve our community and our nation (and who are human beings with children and families), like he did last time, per the SunSentinel:

Friday, November 10, 2017

My email to Officer Maurer, Boca Raton PD, alerting him to MELTZER violating the restraining order:

And "to the fact that the repeat criminal, CORY MELTZER, just made him and the Boca Raton PD his little bitch!!! MELTZER clowns the Boca PD!! "Good thing you wasted time and money, Boca Raton Police Department!! MELTZER calls the Boca PD a bunch of suckers!!!"

Screenshot and text below. Please find text below for your convenience below (20,000 blog viewers and counting!!)

re: Restraining Order Violation. Case 4352 NW 29th Way (Case number 17-9380)

Officer Maurer,

Please find this link below regarding case number 17-9380 and the gross, blatant, egregious, fraud and violations by CORY MELTZER, who had sought a fake, fraudulent, restraining order against me for freaking "cyber-stalking" him (of all things), as he is sitting there online and liking my freaking Facebook page (as in, right now, I have captured the evidence and posted it to my live blog, which now has around 20,000 viewers and counting). Please find the link and also please find this attachment from your buddy, CORY MELTZER, from when he got popped in a big, multi-agency, undercover, taxpayer funded, year long, take-down operation. Please also note the comments from the SunSentinel emphasizing that it was "dangerous," hence he had put police lives at risk!! I repeat, this dangerous criminal had put the lives of brave, undercover, detectives (who have families and children, et al.) at risk!! He was all over the newspaper and now he has blatantly stuck his middle finger up at YOU (personally, as you were the one handling this case, Officer Mauer) and MELTZER just made you his little bitch!! How does it feel when a criminal, dangerous, fraudster and pathological liar like CORY MELTZER laughs at you and makes you his little bitch!!??  I mean, at least he didn't put your life at risk and this story (hasn't yet) hit the SunSentinel, though there's no reason it couldn't, especially with his violating the terms and the need for his ridiculous "Injunction for Protection" aka a "restraining order" and completely and utterly laughing at your, wasting taxpayer resources, your time and energy that you had devoted to this case and interviewing him and going over to his house to listen to his bullshit story!!  Ha!! MELTZER JUST MADE YOU HIS BITCH. Another MELTZER VICTIM....OFFICER MAURER (welcome to the club, Officer). 

How about stringing this mother(blank) up on lying to the police and wasting your time and taking you away from actual, real, matters of importance to the community that you bravely choose to serve, Sir. Huh? Or are you just OK with repeat criminals making you their little bitch? I don't think you are. You don't seem like the type, Officer Maurer.

Respectfully yours,

David A. Lerner
MGMT Consulting Global, LLC
Founder & CKO - Chief Knowledge Officer
Civilian. Private Citizen.
Cybersecurity, Critical Asset Protection,
Intelligence (on occasion). 

Alert!! Screenshots rang out, man down!! MELTZER breaks the restraining order!!! Busted!!! Beware those "screenshots!!" Click click click in quick succession!! Command + Shift + 3!!

Be careful of those "screenshots" folks, they're liable to get you in trouble and destroy your credibility with the police and the court system. If you have a Mac Computer, the shortcut for taking a screenshot is: Command + Shift + 3. It's pretty easy and pretty simple and a great way to bust someone and to catch a predator like MELTZER. 

On this edition of "To Catch A Predator," we have the all-time classic, DIY (do it yourself), fundamental, "screenshot." Click click click. 3 screenshots in quick succession. Gotcha!! Busted!! You can go ahead and delete it now, it's too late. You're busted!!!!!!

Great way to trivialize actual, real domestic violence, MELTZER'S.


Out of an abundance of caution, even though this is a clear violation and per Corrupt Coates, they "do not have authority" to violate the injunction and violating it "undermines the need for it in the first place," I WILL NOT BE TAKING THE BAIT AND I WILL NOT BE MAKING CONTACT BACK WITH THEM. THE RIDICULOUS INJUNCTION EXPIRES MID-JANUARY, I WILL GO HAVE A LITTLE CHIT-CHAT WITH UNITED REALTY GROUP THEN. The terms of the Injunction forbid me from talking to their employer, hence their seeking an Injunction, ya know? Really great way to weaponize and trivialize and put a new spin on the Classic "Restraining Order!"

Let's put this in "layman's terms," these utter, complete, criminal, fraudsters filed a petition and went to Court to get an injunction for protection (also known as a "restraining order") claiming I was "cyber-stalking" them and they are sitting here liking posts on my freaking Facebook page!! Caught, red handed below!! I am not even friends with these Fraudsters and had deleted them, yet they've gone out of their way to find my page, read my personal Facebook page and interact, engage, and "like" posts on my page!! Again, they claimed I was cyber-stalking them and they're sitting here liking my freaking Facebook page!! Um, hello reality? Are we still here or no??

THE COURT: And, you know, the injunction

is not against them, to just to emphasize the point

but I always tell the Petitioners that if you reach

out to the Respondent and try to contact him while

the injunction is in place you do so at your own

peril because, one, you don't have the authority to

violate this--or authorize a violation of the injunction.

But, two, if you are inviting contact, then

you're undermining the need for the injunction in the

first place. All right. So, that's the Court's

ruling. Give me just a few minutes to--